Signs You Need To Hire A Land Use Attorney

16 February 2023
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you deal with real estate for a living, there might eventually be land use issues that you encounter. If any of these situations in particular happen, be sure to hire a real estate and land use attorney.

Legal Action Is Threatened Over Zoning Regulations

If you're ever threatened by another party with a lawsuit because of zoning regulations, then you should hire a land use attorney right away. They can help you defend yourself and ideally get these charges dropped entirely.

They'll just need to see why this lawsuit came to be in the first place. Maybe you adjusted the way certain land was used and other property owners aren't happy about this. In that case, a land use attorney can help protect your rights and ensure future lawsuits aren't probable. You just need to give the attorney all the facts and do as they say.

Requesting a Zoning Permit for the First Time

If you just purchased some real estate and are in the process of getting a zoning permit for the first time, you may need some assistance. In that case, a land use attorney is the perfect professional to consult with.

They can help in a couple of ways, such as helping you target the right zoning permits based on how you plan to use real estate for the foreseeable future. They'll also make sure you pay the necessary fees and fill out applications correctly so that your zoning permits go through smoothly.

Have to File a Land Use Appeal

If your original request to use real estate a certain way is denied the first time, then you may want to submit an appeal. Before you do, it's a good idea to hire a land use attorney. They can help you tackle this appeal process in a professional manner.

First, they'll see why your first land use request was denied. Maybe you didn't fill out the correct forms or the type of use isn't appropriate for the type of real estate in discussion. Either way, a land use attorney can help you correct the necessary elements and thus help this appeal go through just fine.

If you ever come up against a difficult dilemma with land use for real estate you purchased or are about to purchase, then it's important to hire a land use attorney. They'll give you clarity and provide meaningful services that help you move forward successfully.