Reasons You Should Hire A DUI Lawyer

21 November 2022
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Driving under the influence is a serious offense that can land you in jail. And if you escape jail time, you can still pay high fines. As such, you should avoid driving while intoxicated. But if you ever get charged with a DUI, consider talking to a DUI lawyer. Here is why hiring a DUI lawyer is crucial.

You'd Still Want to Get Employed in Future

A DUI charge can hurt your future employability if it goes on your criminal record. And since you'll still want to retain your current job and increase your chances of landing new work opportunities, don't hesitate to hire a DUI lawyer. These lawyers will see to it that your DUI charge doesn't appear in your criminal record. At least your future employer will not reject you due to a DUI charge from a few years ago.

Keep Your License

DUI charges can have the court revoke your license. The authorities will restrict your license so you don't get to drive until the case is closed. That might make your life difficult as you depend on your license to move around while running errands. Luckily, you might get to keep your license if you hire a DUI lawyer. The lawyer will argue to have the charges reduced so that you don't lose your driving license.

You Get a Lighter Sentence

Getting the judge to dismiss your DUI charge can be pretty tricky. Besides, you might be found guilty, especially if there is overwhelming evidence. As such, you should hire a lawyer who understands DUI law to get you off the hook. And if that's impossible, your lawyer will build a strong case that will get you a lighter sentence.

Reduce Costs

You will probably avoid hiring a lawyer to keep your costs down. But do you know that a DUI lawyer can help you reduce court costs? You'll just need to pay a lawyer a small fee and leave the rest to your lawyer. Luckily, your DUI lawyer will ensure the case is heard and decided in a very short time. As such, you'll not have to pay high court fees.

Avoid Ignition Interlock Devices

Ignition interlock devices are common in vehicles whose owners have been charged with a DUI offense. Sadly, these devices can be embarrassing to have. Therefore, you don't want the court to order you to install this device in your car. You need a DUI lawyer to convince the court to reduce your charges and do away with this requirement.