What Should You Expect After Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney?

29 September 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog


Opting to file for bankruptcy will get you out of the debts you have accumulated. Most people who choose this option usually feel a sense of relief once the case is over. But before you can enjoy the benefits of a liquidation petition, you will need to follow the correct procedure. 

Taking the time to understand the filling process on your own can be challenging. Besides, attaining your objective won't be easy if you don't know the laws and regulations that apply to your case. This is where a bankruptcy attorney comes in. Here are some things the attorney will do to ensure you file your petition and win.

Provide Sound Legal 

One of the primary obligations of an attorney is to provide legal advice right from the moment you sign a retainer agreement. The attorney will acquaint themselves with the case facts and offer advice throughout.

The first thing the attorney will do is determine if filing bankruptcy is in your best interest. Then, they will let you know if you should opt for chapter 7, chapter 13, or other kinds of bankruptcy to attain your much-needed financial relief. They may explain the process and what to expect, particularly when the case gets to court. If there are any risks or difficulties, the attorney is obligated to inform you too.

Prepare the Required Paperwork

To have a successful petition, you will need to provide all the required documents. All the paperwork should have the correct information. If it's your first time, tasks like these can seem complicated. Besides, some forms can be lengthy, so it may take too long to fill them out alone.

You won't need to worry about the paperwork when you have a bankruptcy attorney. These professionals use special software to prepare the paperwork and file the documents. The attorney will ask you to provide your financial information, which will include your assets, income, debt, and monthly expenses. Since they are familiar with the procedure and required documents, your case won't be dismissed. Moreover, the paperwork will be filed correctly within the bankruptcy deadlines.

Represent You During the Hearing

Once your bankruptcy petition gets to court, your debtors will attend the mandatory hearing. You may also need to attend other additional hearings, and representing yourself may not be easy. After all, you don't know the law, and the procedure or environment can be frightening. Having an attorney by your side will make things easier. Other than preparing you for the hearings, they will represent you throughout the trial.