Six Things Covered By Workers Compensation

5 April 2022
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Workers' compensation protects employees who get sick or injured following work-related events. States encourage businesses to take workers' compensation coverage to avoid scenarios of workers suing their employers. The reason why most employees file claims is to get their employers to help them in paying medical costs. Workers' compensation only covers some of the workers and not all. Workers' compensation mostly protects those working as full-time workers in most states. However, in some states, interns and contractors are covered. On the other hand, some states don't offer workers' compensation for insurance agents, casual workers, real estate agents, and business owners. 

The process of workers' compensation differs from one state to another. However, it is advised to start the claiming process immediately after an event of illness or injury occurs. Below are some of the things covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Missed wages

In case an employee falls ill following a work-related event, workers' compensation will assist the employer in covering a fraction of the employee's income. For example, if your restaurant waiter slides and breaks a bone, the worker's compensation will help cover the lost wages.

Medical expenses

Workers' compensation covers the medical expenses. If the employee falls sick or gets injured following a work-related incident, the employee should not worry about the hospital bill. Workers' compensation assures the employees to stand for surgery, room visits, and drug prescriptions.

Funeral cost

In scenarios where an employee passes away due to a work-related accident, workers' compensation covers the funeral cost. In addition, the beneficiaries of the deceased will receive some death benefits from the worker's compensation cover.


Unfortunately, some employees may suffer severe injuries that render them disabled. The disability can either be temporal or permanent. Under such a state, the worker's compensation is set to offer disabled employees help with the medical fee and stand up for their lost wages.


The working conditions of some employees may expose them to an unhealthy chemical that makes them sick. In case this happens, workers' compensation can cover the treatment cost. 

Ongoing care

For workers who may have suffered injuries that take long to heal, workers' compensation got their back. Under this scenario, an injured or ill employee may need several treatments. Fortunately, workers' compensation will help cover all the treatment that will occur during the ongoing care of the employee.

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