Can't Wait For Compensation? Solutions Found Here

25 February 2022
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You know the other driver is at fault and they might even admit it. You also know that you are racking up financial damages every day. Unfortunately, it seems that the compensation you are sure to be paid will never happen. Read below to find out about a way to get paid before your case ends.

Bills Pile Up After Accidents

It's upsetting when you must struggle to make ends meet because of an accident that was not your fault. Auto accidents can extract a toll on even those with an emergency stash of money to cover such events. When your case is delayed, you might be suffering from the following types of financial stress:

  • Unpaid medical bills.
  • No vehicle to drive.
  • Lack of income due to not being able to work because of injuries.
  • Partners having to miss work to stay home and care for you.
  • Having to hire household help because you are unable to care for your home, cook, and clean.

And more.

Most of the time, you will be eventually paid for all those expenses but coping in the meantime just adds to the misery of being injured. Fortunately, a lawsuit loan could be right for your situation.

Lawsuit Loans: What to Know

This type of loan is based on the value of your case. The lender evaluates your case for its potential financial winnings based on the facts of your case. The money is extended to you, and you can use it for anything you like. This type of loan allows accident victims to get money now when they need it rather than wait for the case to payout. The loan must be paid back only if you win your case. If you win, the money comes from the compensation you receive as ordered by the judge. You owe nothing if your case is lost.

Involve Your Lawyer

While this type of loan is offered by third-party lenders, working alongside your lawyer is a must. In most cases, the lawsuit lender must have permission from you to get the case information from your lawyer. Then, they will extend the loan to you. It's vital that you have your personal injury lawyer review the terms of the loan and advise you on it before you agree and sign for the loan. This type of loan is not appropriate for every victim so speak to your lawyer and learn more about it first.