Have Drugs? The 4 Easiest Way To Make Matters Worse

22 September 2021
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In most instances, possession of drugs is illegal, but your problems can quickly escalate by making worse choices. Some people find themselves with felony or federal charges when in some cases, they would have avoided significant charges by simply owning up to simple possession.

Eat The Evidence

For some people who have drugs, it can be a natural response to destroy the evidence to avoid prosecution. Often the easiest way to destroy evidence is trying to eat the evidence. There are several problems with eating evidence. Depending on the drug involved, the results can be fatal if you are not taken to the hospital in time. Some people may erroneously believe they are safe by hiding drugs in small bags or balloons to allow the drugs to pass through their system in-tact. Even with a layer of protection, the bags or balloons can break or be damaged by stomach acid. The next problem with eating evidence mainly occurs with marijuana. In many localities, small amounts of marijuana only warrants a citation. Eating the evidence can quickly turn simple possession into a felony charge because you are attempting to hide evidence and obstructing law enforcement.

Bring It Into A Jail

Much like eating evidence, people may hide drugs in their clothes or within a body cavity. This may occur either because they are attempting to smuggle drugs into the jail or they are continuing to conceal the drugs hoping they can get rid of the evidence before anyone notices. Much like eating drugs, bringing drugs into a jail or similar facility can turn simple possession into a more serious offense. Due to extensive problems with drugs inside jails and prisons, it is unlikely you will successfully hide the drugs on your way in. Many facilities do cavity searches and more sophisticated ones have body scanners, which are even more accurate than cavity searches. Not only will you have new charges, you will also have additional consequences within the facility, such as an extended time in solitary confinement and loss of privileges.

Have A Large Quantity

Having a large quantity of drugs quickly increases the severity of consequences because you may have gone from simple possession to possession with intent to distribute (PWID). Even if your intent was to save these drugs for your own personal use, it is difficult to prove when you have a large quantity. Drug paraphernalia, especially scales and baggies further works against you and looks like you are distributing the drugs. Other clues to law enforcement that can change simple possession to PWID include having a large sum of cash, client records, or phone records with many incoming and outgoing calls to/from various numbers. Depending on the amount of drugs, the charges can go from state felony charges to federal charges.

Cross State Lines

If you are caught crossing state lines with drugs, you may be charged with federal drug trafficking. In rare instances, people are not aware they are involved with trafficking drugs because they may go for a road-trip with someone they know or are naive enough to deliver a package on behalf of someone. Regardless of whether you know what is in the car or package, you will likely end up being prosecuted on a federal level. Federal drug trafficking charges tend to be harsher than state charges. At the federal level, depending on the drug and quantity, you may owe millions of dollars in fines and can spend upwards of life in prison, even if it is your first offense.

Although drugs alone can cause legal problems, there are other ways people make matters worse. If you have a small quantity of drugs, it is in your best interest to think logically and avoid additional or more severe charges.

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