Accident-Related Personal Injuries That Do Not Exhibit Immediate Symptoms

19 August 2021
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Accident-related personal injuries are not always immediately symptomatic. In some cases, you may be fine for a few days only to suddenly experience sharp aches and pains that send you to the hospital. You could be thinking that your window for hiring a personal injury lawyer has run out, but this is untrue.

In fact, it is at this time that these legal services will be invaluable, as your personal injury lawyer will be capable of proving that these symptoms stem from the car accident you were involved in! To make sure that you do not lose out on compensation that is owed to you, here are some accident-related personal injuries that do not exhibit immediate symptoms but still require the expertise of a lawyer.

You have suffered a concussion

If the impact of the car accident is strong enough, the force can make you hit your head on a hard surface. The force makes your brain hit your skull, which leads to a concussion. A concussion can also happen when your neck whips back forcefully, so much so that the movement causes your brain to jolt and bang against your skull. What you should know about this injury is that it is challenging to diagnose this brain injury immediately after the accident.

Usually, most people will develop minor symptoms so they tend to brush them off as an effect of the accident. But, over a few days, you may develop serious symptoms such as nausea, disorientation, speech problems, and so on. You must go to the hospital so that a doctor can try to identify and address the trauma your brain has suffered. You should also reach out to a personal injury attorney so that they can collect medical data that they can utilize as evidence.

You have developed PTSD

While you may associate post-traumatic stress disorder with veterans, the reality is that anyone can develop this mental disorder, as it is triggered by a traumatic experience. Hence, if your car accident was scary for you, it can lead to a considerable degree of mental anguish. Nonetheless, PTSD does not manifest immediately. In fact, it may take you several weeks or months to realize that the collision has left you traumatized. For example, you may develop avoidant behavior, which means you cannot bring yourself to drive or get into a car.

On the other hand, you may find that normal car sounds such as hooting or an engine revving will trigger a panic attack. Rather than live in fear and have your life adversely affected, you must see a personal injury lawyer. This attorney can get you the compensation that will make up for the distress that you have undergone while also providing you with the money required to go into therapy.