How A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Can Help You Protect Your Rights

11 January 2021
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If you do not pay your debts, you might think that it is impossible for your creditors to receive compensation for the money they are owed. However, your creditors might choose to garnish your wages. If this is the case, there are several ways that a wage garnishment lawyer can help you. 

Situations Where Your Wages Might Be Garnished

Whenever you owe a debt to a creditor, they have the option of suing you to obtain a judgment. Then, your creditor may choose to file documents with the courts to force your employer to compensate them to pay for your debts. 

However, the courts do not always have to award a judgment. For example, if you owe one of the following types of debts, your wages may be garnished at any time:

  • Child support
  • Back taxes
  • Spousal support
  • Student loans

However, in either case, you may be able to stop having your wages garnished by speaking with a wage garnishment attorney. 

Options Your Wage Garnishment Lawyer Might Suggest

First, you will only have your wages garnished if you actually owe the debt. If you successfully challenge that you ever owed the debt or that you have not paid the debt, you will not have your wages garnished. 

Your attorney may be able to convince your creditors that it is better to settle the debt you owe or work out a payment plan. Your creditors are more willing to do this if they believe that there is a good chance you will file for Chapter 7 or they are concerned that they will have difficulties with garnishing your wages.

You Might Run Into Other Issues

There are limits to how much your wages can be garnished. In some cases, your creditor might take too much. If this is the case, you will want to consult with a wage garnishment lawyer on what to do.

Also, the creditor may need to remove cash from your bank account to cover the expenses, but they do not have the right to remove more than the portion that consists of your wages, which you must fill out. You will want an attorney to help you with the paperwork. 

You may also be concerned that your employer may intend to fire you because your wages are being garnished. However, an employer is not allowed to fire you for these reasons alone. Getting an attorney involved can help your employer understand that you're serious about protecting your rights.

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