Was Your Disability Claim Denied? Here's What You Do

8 July 2020
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If your disability claim was denied when you need it the most, you want to fight back now. There could be a number of reasons the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your claim, including submitting an incomplete medical history and ignoring an attorney's help. But with the tips below, you can strengthen your disability claim and possibly win it.

Make Sure Your Medical Documents Are Complete 

Your medical history is one of the factors or things SSA looks at or requires when it examines your disability claim. Applicants must have a qualifying disability to receive approval for their claim. Applicants who meet the qualifications must submit documents verifying their claim. But if you don't submit all of the documents needed to verify your claim, SSA may designate your claim as incomplete.

Before you submit your documents, you want to make sure it's complete. Documents that don't contain the correct dates or timestamps may be incomplete. You also want to check each document to see if a doctor or medical professional signed it. Signed documents provide evidence that you received care or treatment for your disability.

In addition to submitting a complete medical history, you also want to accept the assistance of an attorney.

Take Your Case to a Disability Attorney

Although it's possible for disability claimants or applicants to obtain approval from the SSA without an attorney's help, it may be much more difficult to do so. An attorney can obtain information, documentation, or data about your case you might not have physical access to, such as surgical notes and mental health evaluations. Not all doctors may submit information about your claim in a timely manner.

A disability attorney may also be able to schedule you for additional medical evaluations. The additional evaluations can help determine your ability to work or obtain employment in the future. If you're unable to work in any capacity, the evaluations may help verify it. The evaluations may also uncover problems with your health previous specialists or doctors may have initially missed.

Working with an attorney may also reduce stress on your health. An attorney may be able to work on your claim without your input, which allows you to keep your doctors' appointments and other important medical treatment. If an attorney needs to obtain information from you, they'll contact you.

If you need to reapply for disability, contact a disability attorney for assistance today.