4 Ways To Avoid Nasty Disputes During A Divorce

21 February 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


Divorce is never easy, and disputes between the two parties involved are common. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can work to do to make sure that disputes are kept at bay as much as possible. Take a look at four things you can do to try to avoid nasty disputes that can hinder the divorce proceedings. 

1. Keep communicating. 

It is not uncommon for two people to decide they are getting a divorce and then separate and never speak at all. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of issues not getting worked out before the divorce actually happens. When you do have to face each other, a lot of old issues can come to the surface and cause disputes. It is far better to work out your differences early when possible. 

2. Consider a child-centered divorce. 

Children can bring about more disputes during a divorce than anything else because there are so many emotions involved, but a child-centered divorce means all decisions made have to be for the best of the children involved. There are family lawyers who specifically focus their practice on child-centered divorce, which means both parents have to work together to come to resolutions about everything because everything can affect the child. 

3. Don't be dishonest. 

No matter how justified you may feel in doing so, it is important that you are honest throughout the divorce filing process. Do not hide assets or lie about what money you have hanging around in a savings account. Avoid being dishonest about your part in the breakdown of the marriage. Dishonesty could easily spur a major argument or dispute that is unnecessary if or when the truth is revealed or discovered, and these kinds of disputes can just slow everything down. For example, if you conceal the fact that you have an extra savings account and your future ex finds out, this could bring about a major dispute.  

4. Get help with touchy subjects. 

There are certain things that almost always trigger a dispute during a divorce, such as disagreements about who should have child custody or who should keep the house. If you know there are certain things that are going to spur nasty disputes, consider going to counseling or mediation to get them worked out. It is far better to resolve these issues before you go to divorce court than to have to wade through them in court.  

Call a family law lawyer to get professional help.