Working On A Sexual Harassment Claim

21 August 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


When you're dealing with sensitive matters at work, it's important that you get the help of some attorneys. It's particularly important to get the help of a lawyer if you have a sexual harassment situation that you are dealing with. To get the most from your sexual harassment case and ensure that it is taken seriously and addressed, read the following tips. 

Report the incident and reach out to a sexual harassment attorney.

If you are trying to set the record straight and get help with your sexual harassment case, start by calling up a lawyer that can address it. These attorneys are contingency-fee-based, which means that you don't have to pay for their services on the front end.

Keep in mind that there are laws and protocols in place that dictate how much money you can get paid for your sexual harassment claim. These are Federal limits that lay out how much you can get paid, and this is based on the number of people that are employed at your workplace. For instance, when a company staffs upwards of 100 people, the maximum payout you can receive is $50,000. For companies that staff upwards of 500 people, the maximum payment you can get in a sexual harassment claim is $300,000.

When you know how much you are able to get paid for your case, you can start to piece together how much your case is worth so you can fight for the settlement that you deserve. 

Report your complaint as quickly as possible so that you can begin recording every facet of the process.

Get your lawyer's advice on how to proceed and develop some strategy.

Strategy is essential when you are trying to put together a sexual harassment claim. Because of this, you need to schedule several hearings with your sexual harassment attorney until you are comfortable with their suggestions. Settling your case will be the best move in most cases because litigation can take a lot of time with no guarantee on when or how you'll get your payout once you win the case. Conversely, with a settlement, your lawyer can help you to negotiate the fairest price for your damages, pain, and suffering. 

They'll walk you through several depositions and will help you with fact finding to prove your sexual harassment claim. Most importantly, your lawyer will also be helpful when walking you through reporting your case to human resources and getting things in writing. 

With this in mind, use these steps when putting together a sexual harassment case.