3 Things To Know About Your Final Divorce Decree

17 June 2019
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Going through a divorce takes time and can be extremely stressful and difficult, but eventually, the process will end. When it ends, you will receive a document called a final divorce decree. This decree is a very important document that you will likely need to reference for years to come, so here are three important things to know about this decree.

It is a court-ordered summary of the divorce agreement

Throughout your divorce, you will likely receive a lot of documents from your lawyer and from the court, but none of the documents you receive will be as important as your final divorce decree. The final decree you receive is basically the summary of every single agreement you have with your ex-spouse. It may be just a couple pages long, or it could be a dozen pages long. This will depend on how many different agreements you made. Each specific item will have its own line and number, which makes it easier to decipher when you have questions about the agreement or your obligations.

Making changes to it is very difficult

Second, it is very important to ensure that you know exactly what you are agreeing to before the court finalizes your divorce. Once the decree is written and issued, it becomes very hard to make changes to it. The only way you can change things that it says is by going to court for a post-trial motion to ask for a change. Whatever you ask for will not really change the final decree, but it might add an amendment to it. You will need a lawyer's help if you encounter a need to make a change to what the final divorce decree states.

You will need it to prove things for many years

When you receive this document, you should put it somewhere safe because you will need it for different things. For example, you may need it when you register your kids for school to prove that you have custody of your kids. If you want to change your last name, you may need to prove that you are divorced and that you have a valid reason to do this. You may need it for other things, too.

The final divorce decree is something you will eventually receive if you follow through with a divorce. If you have questions about getting divorced or if you have issues with your divorce decree, talk to a law firm like Gomez May LLP.