Ways That A Child's Part-Time Job Can Factor Into Custody Discussions

5 November 2018
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When divorcing parents meet with their attorneys to discuss which parent's home will be more suitable for their child, topics such as the child's schooling, his or her relationship with each parent, and other details are part of the discussion. If your child is old enough that he or she is working at a part-time job — or perhaps isn't yet working, but plans to get a job within the next few months — jobs should also be a part of your discussion. Here are some ways that your child's current or future job can factor into a custody discussion.

Job Opportunities In The Area

Think about where you and your spouse will each be living so that you can evaluate the prospective job opportunities in the area. If you'll be living relatively close to one another, this issue might not be a factor, but it's certainly something to consider if you'll have dramatically different living arrangements. For example, if one parent will be living in a rural area and the other will be living in a subdivision two blocks away from a large mall, custody for the latter parent might be more suitable because of the job opportunities nearby.

Existing Job

If your child is already working at a part-time job, you should give some thought to how to set up your custody arrangement so that he or she can continue. Teens who work at part-time jobs for a while can often work their way up, and better hours, better pay, and more responsibilities might be all appealing to your child. You don't necessarily want him or her to have to quit this job, have to find another one, and then start all over at entry level just because you can't agree on a suitable custody arrangement.

Transportation Ease

It's also important to think about the child's transportation situation to and from his or her job. Many teens don't drive or have access to vehicles, leaving them either walking or taking public transit to their part-time jobs. Just as living with a parent who resides near a location that offers plenty of job opportunities is ideal, it's also critical to consider the transportation picture. For example, if one parent will be living in an area where the city bus or train schedule makes it easy for those without vehicles to get around, this house could be a better location for the child.

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