4 Reasons Why It's Important To Hire An Immigration Attorney To Complete Naturalization Application

31 December 2016
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When it comes to completing your naturalization application, you will definitely want to hire an immigration attorney. Here are four reasons as to why this is important:

  1. An Attorney Will File Your Paperwork: Completing your naturalization application can be complicated. When you hire an immigration attorney, they will be the ones to fill out and file the correct paperwork for you. This can save you from a great deal of stress. This is going to help ensure that you also avoid making a mistake on the application, which can only delay the process or possibly lead to your application being denied completely. 
  2. An Attorney Can Help With Complicated Situations: If you have been arrested, committed a felony, or even if you recently got divorced with your spouse who moved you to the states in the first place, you will want an attorney. They can help in more complicated situations such as these to ensure that your application is not denied because of these things. With their knowledge of immigration law, they can be sure that these issues are explained in a way that does not automatically lead to a rejected application. 
  3. An Attorney Can Help With Taxes: If you are behind on paying your taxes or you didn't file, this is going to lead to an automatic denial of your application. If this is the case, you need to hire an attorney who can help you arrange payment arrangements to help ensure that the chances of denial are much less. An attorney can also look for loopholes that can even get you out of this situation while still becoming a naturalized citizen. 
  4. An Attorney Will Prepare You for Your Interview: If you are not proficient in English, then preparing for your interview to become a naturalized citizen can be a bit difficult. Your attorney will help you with this by providing sample questions and helping guide you through the answer. This way, you can better understand what kinds of questions you will be asked and ensure that you answer them in a way that cannot harm your case. 

When you know these four reasons as to why it's important to hire an immigration attorney to complete your naturalization application, you can see why it's worth the money that you invest in their services. In the end, you are much more likely to have an accepted naturalization application without the overwhelming stress that comes with it.