Planning To Serve Alcohol At Your Next Boston Charity Event? 3 Steps You Need To Take To Obtain Your Special Use Liquor License

16 August 2016
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If you live in Boston, and you're planning a non-profit event where alcohol will be served, you'll need to obtain a special one-day liquor license. The special liquor license allows you to offer alcoholic beverages to your guests, without penalty. Obtaining the liquor license is relatively easy, but you do need make sure you apply in a timely manner. Failure to follow the proper procedures could get you in trouble with the law. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that will help you obtain your liquor license for your next event.

Plan Your Event

This may seem like an overly simplified requirement, but planning your event is essential. You're going to need to submit your application for your special one-day liquor license at least two weeks before your scheduled event. That means you have to know all of the necessary details well in advance – including who your liquor provider will be. For special one-day licenses, you have to purchase from a list of pre-approved sellers. You can contact the city offices in Boston to obtain a list of approved sellers.

Obtain the Necessary Documentation

Once you have your event planned, you'll need to obtain all the necessary documentation. This will include certification that you've had the venue inspected by the proper authorities. If you're holding your event at a public venue, you'll also need to provide proof that you have permission to hold your event there. Finally, you'll also need to obtain signatures from an officer at the local police station in the area where you'll be holding the event. Once you have all of those documents in order, you'll be ready to proceed with the application process.

Submit the Application

After you've filled out your application, you'll need to submit it to the Boston city liquor board. They'll look over the application and make sure that everything is in order. If it is, they'll send you the license in the mail. Be sure to post the license in a visible location during your event. If your application is denied, or they require additional paperwork, the liquor board will notify you. This is one of the reasons why you should apply well in advance of your event. Applying early will give you enough time to take care of problems before the big day.

If you plan on serving liquor at your next non-profit event, make sure you have your license in order. The information provided here will make sure you aren't left high and dry at your next charity event. If you run into trouble obtaining your liquor license, be sure to speak to an attorney near you. Click here for more info.