Disability Claim Tips

18 April 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


Filing a disability claim can be stressful, since chances are you are already working at a reduced capacity if at all, which may have resulted in lower or no wages. This means you are juggling your disability, money troubles, and legal issues all at once. The following tips can help you win your disability claim so you can begin rebuilding your life again.

Tip #1: Get help with the paperwork

Making a single mistake on your disability filing or appeal paperwork can set back the entire process, or even result in a denial. Instead, work with an experienced disability attorney to make sure everything is filled out correctly and that you have all the supporting documentation you need.

Tip #2: Never send originals

You will need to keep a paper trail of physician's statements, medical records, and missed work records to support your disability case. Never give anyone the originals, though. Instead, make copies of all items if you need to send them in with your claim, give them to the court, or give your lawyer copies. If you lose the originals, you may lose the evidence you need to get your disability claim approved.

Tip #3: Don't worry about attorney fees

In most cases, disability attorneys are paid a percentage of your disability claim's back pay. This means you won't be paying the attorney any money upfront. Just make sure you know the percentage they will take so you can budget accordingly when the back pay comes in. The lawyer will receive their fee from it before the final check is delivered to you.

Tip #4: Follow your paperwork

You should keep in touch with your assigned claims examiner throughout the entire process. This way you will be able to quickly be apprised of any issues that arise so they can be addressed immediately. This also ensures that you don't miss any filing deadlines. If you are worried that you won't be able to stay on top of this task, then having an attorney available to handle this aspect is vital.

Tip #5: Don't miss any appointments

This includes both treatment and court appointments. Missed doctor's appointments make it look as though your disability isn't severe enough to warrant consistent treatment. Missed court or claim related appointments can result in an immediate dismissal of your case or denial of your claim. Work with your attorney to make sure you are aware of all appointments and that you can make them.

For more information and legal assistance, contact a disability lawyer, such as those at Iler and Iler.