4 Reasons Your Disability Claim May Be Denied

11 February 2016
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Being injured to the point where you can't work can be devastating.  You'll still have bills that must be paid, so it's ideal to claim disability if at all possible. However, many individuals are denied this type of payment, and it may help you out to know why. This may prevent you from making the same mistakes when filing your claim for disability. By knowing some of the common reasons disability isn't paid, you will be more likely to file your claim with a positive outcome.

Reason #1: You won't follow doctors' orders

You will need to not only prove that you're disabled but also, do what your medical provider asks you to do. It's imperative to the success of your claim that you proceed with the treatment that is recommended to your by your physician. 

For example, if you're asked to undergo physical therapy to help your body heal, but fail to do so, you may be turned down for disability.

Reason #2: You don't cooperate

It's important to do what is asked of you and provide the necessary personal information. Your medical records will be requested, and failing to provide authorization for these to be given can cause your claim to be denied.

Additionally, be sure to double check all of the contact information you list on your request. If you give the wrong address or any other inaccurate information, this could prevent you from receiving disability. 

Reason #3: Your injuries aren't severe enough

In order to fully qualify for disability, you must have a serious injury that will prevent you from working. If the officials think that your injury is not as significant as you think it is, you may not be successful in receiving this type of payment.

Reason #4: You suffer from an addiction

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol could damage your health and impair your judgment. If your disability is due to an addiction, this will forfeit any claim you have to receive disability. Your medical condition would be considered self-inflicted, and this will prevent you from getting any compensation.

The challenges of being disabled are many and can affect your overall quality of life. However, getting disability isn't as easy as you may think. If you feel you have been denied payment for a wrong reason, you may want to appeal your claim. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a social security attorney from a company like Todd East Attorney at Law to assist you in getting the payments you feel you deserve today!