Common Child Support Questions Answered

19 January 2015
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It is an unfortunate fact of life that divorce is a very common occurrence, but these matters can become even more stressful and confusing when children are involved. Most parents are aware of the fact that it will cost a small fortune to raise a child, and as a result, child support payments are often a highly contested area for almost any divorce. Sadly, some people find this area of law excessively confusing, and as a result, there are likely a couple of questions that you may need answered if this is the first time you have fought your former partner for child support. 

What If The Other Parent Loses Their Job?

When the other parent is required to make child support payments, you should expect a check each month, but some individuals are under the belief that if the other parent loses their job, they will not be legally required to make these payments until they find a new one. While this may seem like a practical strategy, it invites itself for abuse, and due to this, unemployment is usually not a valid reason for failing to make child support payments. 

If the other parent is attempting to use unemployment as a reason for failing to make these payments, you may need to hire an attorney to contest the matter. Unemployment benefits can be garnished to help pay back child support, and this can be a highly effective strategy for ensuring the other parents meets their financial obligation to your child. 

How Do You Proceed If The Child Support Ruling Is Not Satisfactory?

Before the amount of child support is set, a hearing is held, and during this proceeding, the judge will hear input from both sides before setting a monetary amount for what the other parent owes. Sadly, it is possible for the judge to set the amount of child support far below what is actually needed to raise the child in a comfortable home. 

Luckily, there is a way that you can appeal these decisions. However, it should be noted that filing an appeal is a highly complex task, and you should retain an attorney (from Bergermann Law Firm or another firm) for this part of the process. 

Child support payments can be an essential lifeline for single parents trying to raise a child in this expensive world. However, these payments can be a highly complex area of law, and you probably lack the expertise needed to navigate your dispute through the court system. By understanding the answers to these common child support questions, you will be better able to protect both your rights and your child's rights.