Three Benefits Of Divvying Up The House And Your Retirement Savings When Getting Divorced

16 December 2018
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When it comes to the division of your marital assets during a divorce, it's probable that your two largest assets are your home and your retirement savings, two things that you've likely been putting money into over several years or even decades. Dividing these assets can be a challenge for many couples, but doing so doesn't need to be as difficult as you might think. If your home and your retirement savings are worth roughly the same amount, a good plan is for one of you to take one and your former spouse to take the other. Read More 

Ways That A Child’s Part-Time Job Can Factor Into Custody Discussions

5 November 2018
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When divorcing parents meet with their attorneys to discuss which parent's home will be more suitable for their child, topics such as the child's schooling, his or her relationship with each parent, and other details are part of the discussion. If your child is old enough that he or she is working at a part-time job — or perhaps isn't yet working, but plans to get a job within the next few months — jobs should also be a part of your discussion. Read More 

How Drivers Cause Accidents In Snow

28 September 2018
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The risk of auto accidents increases during snowstorms or after a snowfall because of issues such as reduced visibility and slippery road surfaces. However, each driver still has the responsibility of driving carefully to avoid causing accidents. Here are some of the ways in which motorists increase accident risks when driving on snowy roads: Driving With an Unclear Windshield Visibility sometimes reduces during the winter season due to snowstorms and the low temperatures that make everything fog up. Read More 

Divorce Myths That May Be Misleading You

24 August 2018
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Realizing that it is time to file for divorce can be an unpleasant life experience. However, it can be the first step towards escaping and rebuilding your life following an unhealthy relationship. While it is fairly common for married couples to divorce, there are many things that people may misunderstand when it comes to starting the formal divorce proceedings. Myth: You Will Have To Forfeit Your Share Of The Marriage Assets To Divorce Read More 

Asleep At The Wheel: Sleep Apnea And Social Security

20 July 2018
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The value of getting a good night's sleep is undisputed. When you've not had enough sleep it can affect almost everything about your concentration and even affect your heart health. If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea by your doctor you may qualify for Social Security benefits if you find yourself unable to work as a result. Read on to learn more. More than just a minor annoyance During sleep, the flow of air can temporarily stop in people afflicted with this disorder and it can cause dangerous carbon dioxide levels to rise. Read More