Why You Should Consider Going On Long-Term Disability

8 September 2020
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If you have been injured and this injury is preventing you from working enough to fully support yourself anymore, you might want to think about submitting a long-term disability claim. You do not want to make the mistake of assuming that the long-term disability will not be all that helpful to you. In order to have a little better insight regarding why this might be a good thing for you to go after, you will want to continue reading. Read More 

Hit And Run? You Need To Hire An Attorney ASAP

6 August 2020
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Fleeing the scene of an accident is either amisdemeanor or felony, depending on the state. However, that does not always stop people from doing it. If you and another driver collide and they flee the scene of the crash, this type of accident is called a hit-and-run. After heading to the hospital and talking to the police, the next thing you should do is call a car accident attorney. Here's a look at why hiring an attorney is so important in this situation, and also a look at what such a lawyer can do for you. Read More 

Was Your Disability Claim Denied? Here’s What You Do

8 July 2020
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If your disability claim was denied when you need it the most, you want to fight back now. There could be a number of reasons the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your claim, including submitting an incomplete medical history and ignoring an attorney's help. But with the tips below, you can strengthen your disability claim and possibly win it. Make Sure Your Medical Documents Are Complete  Your medical history is one of the factors or things SSA looks at or requires when it examines your disability claim. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

14 May 2020
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When you are going to buy a house, you probably know that you need to get a real estate agent to help you with the purchase, but you might not think about getting a real estate attorney. However, you really do need an attorney to help you. There are several reasons that you should hire a real estate attorney to help you make your purchase.  Legalese One big reason that you should hire a real estate attorney to help you with your purchase is that contracts and such are often written in legalese. Read More 

Signs Your Partner Is Not A Candidate For Divorce Mediation

28 April 2020
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Divorce mediation can save you a lot of money. Mediation can also help you maintain good relations with your partner during and after the divorce. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for divorce mediation. For example, you should not attempt mediation if your partner fits any of the following categories. An Abusive or Violent Partner Divorce mediation requires you to sit down with your spouse and negotiate your divorce agreement. Violence or abuse disqualifies such an arrangement. Read More