Understand Your Child Custody Rights As A Stepparent

24 March 2020
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Many children are living in homes with blended families. This means that a stepmother or stepfather may be filling a vital role in a child's life. This often leads to the formation of an emotional bond between stepparent and child that can rival the bond between a child and a biological parent. In the event that the stepparent and the child's biological parent decide to end the marriage, issues of child custody can become a concern. Read More 

4 Ways To Avoid Nasty Disputes During A Divorce

21 February 2020
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Divorce is never easy, and disputes between the two parties involved are common. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can work to do to make sure that disputes are kept at bay as much as possible. Take a look at four things you can do to try to avoid nasty disputes that can hinder the divorce proceedings.  1. Keep communicating.  It is not uncommon for two people to decide they are getting a divorce and then separate and never speak at all. Read More 

Three Of The Defenses Used To Fight A Murder Charge

19 January 2020
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If you have been arrested for and charged with murder, you are looking at possibly spending the rest of your life behind bars. A criminal defense attorney can work to come up with defenses that may be able to help you be found not guilty of murder or be convicted of a lesser crime that carries a lesser penalty with it. Here are three of the most common defenses that are used to fight a murder charge. Read More 

3 Ways To Reduce Your Spending To Obtain Debt Relief

14 December 2019
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If your credit card debt rising, along with other monthly bills that you are required to pay, it is time to take certain steps that will help you eliminate the financial burdens that you are currently dealing with. With a few simple lifestyle changes, it is possible to start down the path toward debt relief. Here are three things you can do to reduce your spending and obtain much-needed debt relief. Read More 

Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

19 November 2019
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You have been charged with a crime. Do you need a criminal defense attorney? That depends on how serious the crime. There is a way to determine just how serious your situation is by looking at a few key points. Then you can decide if you want and qualify for a public defender or if you are able to hire your own lawyer.  The Number of Your Charges Are you charged with just one crime or several crimes? Read More