How To Receive Compensation For Lost Wages After A Catastrophic Injury

31 August 2022
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When you suffer from a catastrophic injury, you might find it difficult to continue to live your life. Your injuries might be so severe that you might be unable to continue working. With many disabilities, you might be able to recover, but the progress you will make during rehab can be unpredictable. Because of the impact that a catastrophic injury can have on your life, you might be entitled to more damages if the other party is considered to be at fault. 

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is one that prevents you from obtaining gainful work. For example, you might suffer a back injury and you may struggle with mobility issues as a result. You may be required to receive live-in medical care. You might also need to make modifications to your home and you might experience a substantial decrease in your quality of life.

In addition to suffering from a disability, you might find that you are unable to support yourself and your family. As a result, you may feel tempted to quickly accept a settlement offer. However, this is usually a mistake because the settlement offer will likely be much lower than what you would receive if you were working with a catastrophic injury attorney.

Make Sure the Settlement is Big Enough

When you accept a settlement offer, you will not be able to ask for more money in most cases. Therefore, you will want to avoid accepting an initial settlement offer. Oftentimes, an insurance provider will offer a low-ball settlement offer as a way to reduce their expenses. 

How Catastrophic Law Services Can Help

A catastrophic injury attorney will assist you in calculating all of your damages so you can seek full compensation for your injuries. If you ask the other party for a larger settlement, they might refuse to settle. However, you will have the option of taking them to court. Even if you would prefer to settle your case out of court, going to trial might be the right decision because the defense might choose to settle at the last minute to avoid a trial.

Going to trial might have some advantages. For example, if the court decides that they wish to make an example out of the other party, they might award punitive damages. When your case is over, the decision made by the court is final after all appeals have been exhausted. Therefore, the other party will be required to pay for your damages at that point.