What Motorcyclists Should Do Before Filing An Accident Claim

8 March 2021
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Filing a motorcycle accident claim can be a difficult process. You'll want to make sure you're getting every step right before you submit your claim. Even if you're planning to hire a motorcycle accident attorney, you'll still need to address these four issues.

Seek Immediate Care

No matter how well you feel in the hours after an accident, seek medical care as soon as possible. First, it's just the smart move in terms of being sure something seemingly little isn't waiting to cause massive medical trouble. Second, if you do need to file down the road, you'll want to be able to show reports from right after the incident. If you fail to get quick care, the defendant's insurance provider might assert that you can't prove your injuries came from this one particular incident.

Take Pictures

As soon as you can, get pictures of the scene. The police have to clean up roadways quickly, and that means evidence can disappear fast. Also, don't assume the cops will get all of the images and angles you require. It's better to have too many images and not need them than to end up short.

Folks who aren't ambulatory should ask friends or family members to visit the scene right away and take photos. If you can't find anyone else, ask someone who was there to take pictures and send them to your phone, social media, or email.

Contemporaneous imagery of the scene of an accident is invaluable to a motorcycle accident lawyer. Whenever possible, try to get images while the damage is still there and the scene isn't clean. However, if you can't, at least try to get pictures of the scene as soon after the incident as you can manage.

Find Insurance Information

Not every case ends up going through another party's insurer. A person involved in a one-motorcycle accident, for example, will have to file a claim through their insurance policy. In addition to getting information from the other driver, it's wise to dig out your insurance policy. Make several copies so you can present them to more than one motorcycle accident attorney while you seek counsel.

Keep Correspondence

Whatever communications you receive about the accident, keep and copy them. If you get electronic messages, lock those and store copies on a cloud server. Relay any communications you receive to your motorcycle accident lawyer as quickly as possible so they can handle any required responses. contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for more information.