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Head Injuries And Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered a head injury because of another driver’s carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation for your vehicle damage, lost wages, and your medical expenses. Head injuries can range from minor to extremely serious, and in some cases they may even be permanent. The amount of your compensation depends on the extent […]

Planning To Serve Alcohol At Your Next Boston Charity Event? 3 Steps You Need To Take To Obtain Your Special Use Liquor License

If you live in Boston, and you’re planning a non-profit event where alcohol will be served, you’ll need to obtain a special one-day liquor license. The special liquor license allows you to offer alcoholic beverages to your guests, without penalty. Obtaining the liquor license is relatively easy, but you do need make sure you apply […]

Myths About Workmen’s Compensation: Are They True?

When employees get injured on the job, they may seek out advice and/or opinions about worker’s compensation. It is necessary for the employer to make sure information is readily available on this topic to cut out the myths before they start. When you become employed in a job that involves the increased risk of being […]